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The direction of Euro over the next few months is in the balance. It recent move appears to have been capped with much dependant on the ECB. The upcoming ECB meeting could well determine the next move with …read more

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During the course of the trading day the room moderators make live calls averaging over +1000 pips per month with a trade success rate of 78.9% on trades called....read more

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Live Forex Training Course, January 12 & 13, 2012, Boca Raton, FL

image of live forex trading training courseThe Essential Tiger Trader in Boca Raton, FL on January 12 and 13, 2011. This course is designed to provide rapid acceleration in the understanding and application of the Dynamic Fibonacci Grids forex trading software. All experience levels are welcome, from newbie to advanced, all will benefit greatly.

Take this opportunity to trade side by side with long time Dynamic Fibonacci Grid Trader, Coach and Mentor Sam Shakespeare as he breaks down the Tiger Time Lanes forex trading software and unlocks the mystery behind the proper identification of high probability, profitable trade setups, and leads you on the path to trading forex consistently.

The goal of our intensive training course is to make every individual into an independent trader, where they will be able to spot set-ups and take trades just as well as the top moderators do. The course will accelerate your learning process and help you to become consistent

The 2 Day Course f Live, Hands On Training and Coaching from a Master Fibonacci Grid Traderis now available at the special price of just $1250 for those that sign up before the 14th December 2011. This includes 3 months FREE access to our 24hr live Trade Room, where a team of professional moderators call out trades on 'mic' in real time, and use of our professional proprietry software.

Course Syllabus


Special Offer: 3 months Trade Room & Software Access Included

Register for this two day, intensive hands on training course in gorgeous South Florida for $1250 and receive 3 FULL MONTHS ACCESS to the live online forex trading room AND your own copy of the Tiger Time Lanes Forex Trading Software for 3 Full Months! That is a $900 value!

Think about the amount of information you are going to learn at the live intensive training course (it’s a lot!!). Now combine that with 3 months of live daily coaching with master fibonacci grid traders, using the exact techniques you will learn in the course.. Talk about reinforcement!! This is the chance you have been waiting for.. Let us take your forex trading to the NEXT LEVEL!


"While you can learn a lot from watching the videos on the various setups and being active in the FX Traders traderoom, this is just a fraction of what you can learn from an intensive hands-on training course. The personal attention and explanation gives you a superior sense of belief in the setups and yourself. I flew from Australia to the US for training and it was one of the wisest decisions I ever made."

James Matthews

"Without a doubt, attempting to trade with real money before getting the benefits of a live intensive training course with proven professional traders will be one of the most costly mistakes you can make in your trading career. The training I received at the five day live training center not only gave me the fundamentals necessary to properly utilize the tools the grid system affords, but also I gain the confidence to be a self-sufficient trader. I now see the setups as they develop and can anticipate the next phase following the full progression of the trading cycle. Sure there is much more to learn and experience, but the foundation that the live training course geometrically increased my trading skills and I now have a command of the basic tools to be a successful forex trader."

Lorrie Oliver

"Forex Traders Corp is a group of very genuine traders dedicated in teaching their systems. Each day they call a series of trades which invariably give in excess of a total 100 pips. The trades are called live in real time. With each call, a full explanation is offered so each member if the room can understand reason for its call. For someone new to forex or even possibly experienced and who are looking for another system that will work for them, Tiger Pips certainly has a very credible offering. Wherever you are with your forex trading, you would be missing a huge opportunity not to give them a try. The strength of Tiger Pips lies in the dedication of the the mentors in making every room member succeed."

Chris Miller

"I have been following the traders in the group of Forex TRaders Corp for a couple of years and I recommend their service without hesitation. As a former interbank dealer and individual trader with twenty years experience I can testify that trading on your own with the charts is enormously difficult to do on a regular basis with consistency. It's lonely and tedious and grueling to face your monitors alone for long periods of time and feel that you are out of the loop.Forex TRaders Corp provide a virtual trading room experience, with excellent moderators who provide mentoring, training, and trade suggestions. The grid system works. Following their trades works, you make money. Having the support of the room when you are following your own ideas, is invaluable. Better still you learn enough to have the confidence to do it consistently and successfully. 24 hours a day, you can log in and trade with company. You exchange ideas, ask questions, validate what you are doing, even have joke now and then. Being part of a group of traders changes the experience of individual trading completely. I highly recommend it."

Catharina Birchall