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The direction of Euro over the next few months is in the balance. It recent move appears to have been capped with much dependant on the ECB. The upcoming ECB meeting could well determine the next move with …read more

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During the course of the trading day the room moderators make live calls averaging over +1000 pips per month with a trade success rate of 78.9% on trades called....read more

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Forex Traders Corporation

The Trade Room


The Tiger Trade Room is lucky in that we have 8 permanent moderators that cover most of the trading day. All the moderators are experienced traders who predominantly trade for a living. In addition each is highly skilled in using the Tiger Time Lanes to make their trading decisions. What makes the group particularly interesting is each trades in a different manner, employing different strategies and styles, covering both short term scalping and longer term trades. In addition all the moderators post any trades that they enter, into the room announcements, so that you can take the trades as well. On average the moderators generate net calls of between 300-500 pips per week with a success rate of approximately 85%.

Live Sessions:

Each trading day we have four live sessions scheduled. Pre London 7.00-8.00am, London Open 8.00-10.00am, New York Open 1.15-3.00pm and New York Morning 3.00pm-5.00pm (all UK times). During these sessions the moderators will discuss current market conditions, look at news that could possibly move the market and execute live trades which during which they will explain why they took the trade and their trading strategy while in the trade. The are also open to answering any questions you have on possible set ups that might occur during the session.

With nearly 150 members you can be assured that you will never trade alone again. The camaraderie within the room should not be underestimated. There are many professional traders within who give their time freely to helping other traders. After all trading is not just about being able to pick trade entries but also about seeing the trade through, the psychological doubts that occur in traders minds also have to be dealt with and overcome. We are lucky in that in the room that we have such a great community spirit with many of traders giving their time to help and advise those less experienced. Many friendships have been forged through the trade room already.


Once a week, sometime just after New York close, one of the moderators will hold a training session. Whilst predominately aimed at traders new to the time lanes, any member is welcome to come along. These sessions will take place in our special training trade room and will go through the fundamentals of how the Tiger Time Lanes work and basic strategies involved in using them to trade. After which there will be a general question and answer sessions. Periodically there will also be live tutorials in the main trade room, times for these will be posted well in advance. Topics will include advanced time lane strategies, account management and the psychology of trading. We believe in continually adding value to your trading and believe learning about trading is a never ending process.


We hope you will find the trade room itself is made up of l ike minded traders conversing, sharing their trading strategies and their calls. One of the first thing you will notice about the Tiger Trade Room is the camaraderie that exists between traders. We think it is important aspect of trading as it relaxes the individual and helps them to feel that they are not alone. Many are experienced traders, and often pre-empt the moderators calls and place their own calls based on their own time lanes strategies. A good few making trading their primary income stream.

If you are new don't let that put you off We are very lucky in that most of the experienced traders have a 'pay it forward' attitude and get as much pleasure out of helping new traders become successful as they do out of their own trading success. Most will be happy to lend you their ear and usher you toward becoming a good and consistent trader. While on the flip side, if you are already a confident trader then you will find yourself right at home.