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The direction of Euro over the next few months is in the balance. It recent move appears to have been capped with much dependant on the ECB. The upcoming ECB meeting could well determine the next move with …read more

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During the course of the trading day the room moderators make live calls averaging over +1000 pips per month with a trade success rate of 78.9% on trades called....read more

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Forex Traders Corporation

What Our Clients Say

Life is good when you can actually "earn while you learn", and that is what happens with FX Traders Corp. The moderator/instructors are very consistently accurate with their trade calls and I have been positive in my account since the first day. The system takes some getting used to, but all questions are answered live in the room and supported by a tremendous library of training videos, which are update frequently. I always had the feeling in other Forex rooms that it was about them making all the money, but that is not the case here. Kash and his team are doing all they can to assure we all learn the system, make money and eventually trade Forex for a living. There is no nonsense in the live trading room, just a lot of people with the same goal and willing to help each other get there.
Larry C.

The FXTraders trading room is so much more than a place to follow live trades (which are usually profitable). It is a professionally run information center for trading information, real time news and commentary on the effects of news data on the currency market. It is also a valuable source for training that will improve any level of traderís ability to profitably manage his trading activities. The cost is almost incidental to the amount of benefits that a subscriber receives from the trading room. I am a beginner trader, and without the support and guidance I get from the trade room I would have probably been one of the 95% who fail in forex trading. Instead I am consistently making money and improving in my trading skills with each session.
Lorrie Olivier

The help we get from the moderators is second to none.!!! I am a slow learner and the fact that the moderators go over everything time and time again is invaluable to me, their patience is enviable....there is always advise being shared, about trading, brokers, and all manner of things that one could never find out without the knowledge of the moderators that have anything from 10-30 years trading experience. This is predominantly a scalping site, but there are good people on here that are prepared to share their long term trading Ideas as well. I call it my trading oasis, I was about to give up trading because I was just guessing at trades (and guessing wrong mostly) The Tiger Lanes and fxtraderscorp have given me new hope of becoming a full-time trader. The mood in the trading room is always buoyant, there are always comments, that are, unrelated to trading, being made by all in the room (ie cricket football etc etc), but things turn very serious the moment a trade is prevalent.
Peter Mason

I have been using the Live Trading Room for about three months now, as well as the Fibonacci technical indicators. I am very impressed by the quality of both. Though I have been trading equities for 20 years and forex for two, I have learnt a great deal. The atmosphere in the room is serious but friendly. Questions are answered promptly and questioner always treated with respect. There is also a great deal of trading transparency. The moderators are knowledgeable and flag their trades in advance where possible, as well as their reasons for taking the trade. There are frequent training sessions, and recordings are made available on line for those unable to attend. You never feel there are "no go" areas. If for any reason I was unable to continue with the room, I personally would feel it as a loss. It represents good value for money for anyone, beginner or experienced, wishing to trade forex.
Ernest Hammond

Excellent product. The moderators are very helpfull and willing to share their knowledge. I am happy with the support I get. The webinars help the new people understand the product and setups.
Andres Roca

I am completely satisfied! You've got a terrific team behind you and they're , there 100% to help guy's like me all make very good calls on the currency. I appreciate and respect each and everyone of you!! You have put to-gether a gerat platform, tutorial, and I've been around with you fellows for over 2 years and was so overjoyed when you started fresh.
Larry Kopp

I am retired and started playing in the FOREX for some extra income. After floundering, taking a few courses and spending several thousand on programs and training I was fortunate to find Kashif Kziz. After watching his trades and how he used the grids and different set ups, I learned some of his strategies and began to make some pips (and money). I found Kash was easy to chat with, responding to any question. It appeared Kash was always wanting to help others become successful and profitable in the FOREX. I had the opportunity to attend a workshop which Kash covered the grids, strategies and money management which put the FOREX in perspective. I found this workshop to be very enlightening and invaluable to my success in the FOREX. Kash is a special person caring for his family, his profession (a medical doctor) and running FX Trader Corp (TigerGrids). With his knowledge and experience, sense of humor and wanting to make other successful, its only time before you will be successful.
DON, Saratoga, New York

Forex Traders Corp is a group of very genuine traders dedicated in teaching their systems. Each day they call a series of trades which invariably give in excess of a total 100 pips. The trades are called live in real time. With each call, a full explanation is offered so each member if the room can understand reason for its call. For someone new to forex or even possibly experienced and who are looking for another system that will work for them, Tiger Pips certainly has a very credible offering. Wherever you are with your forex trading, you would be missing a huge opportunity not to give them a try. The strength of Tiger Pips lies in the dedication of the the mentors in making every room member succeed.
Chris Miller

I have been following the traders in the group of Forex TRaders Corp for a couple of years and I recommend their service without hesitation. As a former interbank dealer and individual trader with twenty years experience I can testify that trading on your own with the charts is enormously difficult to do on a regular basis with consistency. It's lonely and tedious and grueling to face your monitors alone for long periods of time and feel that you are out of the loop.Forex TRaders Corp provide a virtual trading room experience, with excellent moderators who provide mentoring, training, and trade suggestions. The grid system works. Following their trades works, you make money. Having the support of the room when you are following your own ideas, is invaluable. Better still you learn enough to have the confidence to do it consistently and successfully. 24 hours a day, you can log in and trade with company. You exchange ideas, ask questions, validate what you are doing, even have joke now and then. Being part of a group of traders changes the experience of individual trading completely. I highly recommend it.
Catharina Birchall