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EURUSD 15min Chart

The direction of Euro over the next few months is in the balance. It recent move appears to have been capped with much dependant on the ECB. The upcoming ECB meeting could well determine the next move with …read more

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Trading Performance

During the course of the trading day the room moderators make live calls averaging over +1000 pips per month with a trade success rate of 78.9% on trades called....read more

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Forex Traders Corporation

Support Services

You are very important to us:


For us, customer service is our highest priority. Not only do we want to help you become the best traders that you can be, but we wont neglect you or pass you off if you run into technical difficulties.

Therefore, in addition to the trading moderators we have put together a dedicated admin and support team. They are there and available to help you if you run into technical troubles with regard to the trade room, the tiger time lanes and the tiger charts. The team is backed by masses of experience, the latest training and the most current technology. No matter what the issue you can have one of our expert team helping you with your IT support requirements. They will also assist you if you queries regarding your membership details or if you just have a general enquiry.

Currently they are available by telephone (07903 462025) during UK office hours, via email (support@forextraderscorp.com) and also via skype.

Our services are so reliable and easy to use, that less than 10% of our customers ever need to contact us and we very much hope that you wont need to call on our help but we just want to reassure you that we are there if and when you need us. We are committed to providing you with the ultimate world class customer experience, through our support teams and Help Desks. Our aim is to supply reliable, accurate and timely information with maximum convenience and minimum fuss.

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