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The direction of Euro over the next few months is in the balance. It recent move appears to have been capped with much dependant on the ECB. The upcoming ECB meeting could well determine the next move with …read more

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During the course of the trading day the room moderators make live calls averaging over +1000 pips per month with a trade success rate of 78.9% on trades called....read more

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At Forex Traders Corporation, we believe strongly in protecting the privacy of our Members' personal information. This is a legal document that sets out how Forex Traders Corporation handles data which identifies you. You should read it in conjunction with the Forex Traders Corporation Terms and Conditions, of which this Privacy Policy forms part.

1. Emails and communications.

You are probably most interested in how we will use your email address to communicate with you, so here's our email promise, in plain English:

Service Emails. The team at Forex Traders Corporation hates spam and will never ever send you unsolicited emails. But there are some emails that we will need to send you to provide you with a good Forex Traders Corporation service. These include notifications of new offers, reminders about your membership and guides on how to use the site. A full list of the types of emails you will receive to help you use the service most effectively (which we call Service Emails) are shown below:

2. The information we gather and track.

Information gathered on registration. When you register with Forex Traders Corporation, you provide your name (including a previous name, where relevant), one or more category listings on the Forex Traders Corporation your email address, and some optional notes about yourself ("Registration Information"). They are available to you, and capable of being changed, through the "My account/profile" pages. Please update your details with relevant changes as soon as possible to ensure we have the correct information for you on your account.

We may use cookies and other such devices:

Third party cookies including those from DoubleClick, TheSearchWorks and Google are used on some parts of the site. They are used for tracking the success of advertising campaigns. These cookies are normally permanent. Advertisers on our website and newsletters may also use cookies and similar devices (both on our site and elsewhere) to monitor the success of the advertising, to control the frequency and repetition of advertisements and to ensure that advertising is relevant to individual users.

Disabling cookies. Most internet browsers are automatically set up to accept cookies, but you can set your browser to refuse a cookie or ask your browser to show you where a cookie has been set up. Certain services are only activated by the presence of a cookie and, if you choose to refuse cookies, particular features of this website may not be available to you.

Find out how to disable/enable cookies by clicking on the "Manage Cookies" section of the Interactive Advertising Bureau website on the following link www.allaboutcookies.org

3. Sharing and use of information

The over-riding principles we apply are these:

4. Security

We have security measures in place to protect our customer database and access to this database is restricted internally. However, it remains each Member's responsibility:

5. Removing yourself from the Forex Traders Corporation Service

You may have your registration details removed from the site at any time. To remove yourself please click inform Forex Traders Corporation and we will remove all Your Details.

Your information will be archived and stored for the necessary time period for legal reasons. It is important to understand and recognize that member content may be copied or stored by other members even after it has been removed from the site. It may also remain cached and archived by those that have copied it.

6. Disclosure for legal reasons

We reserve the right to communicate such of a Member's personal information as we hold to third parties which seek the disclosure of it, and which make a request for its disclosure with which we are obliged by law to comply.

7. Data retention period

We will retain your personal data only as long as is necessary for the purposes to which you consent under the Forex Traders Corporation Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy, or as is required by applicable law, and then we will delete it.

8. Contacting Forex Traders Corporation

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, the practices of the Forex Traders Corporation service, or your dealings with Forex Traders Corporation, you can contact us. You can also contact us t if you wish to request from Forex Traders Corporation a copy of the personal data we hold about you or a description of that data. Please note that by law we are entitled to charge you a small sum for providing this information.

9. Links to third party sites

The Forex Traders Corporation Service contains links to other sites. Forex Traders Corporation is not responsible for the privacy practices, or the content, of those web sites

10. Data protection information

You can obtain further information about data protection laws by visiting the Information Commissioner's website at www.ico.gov.uk. You can search for our Data Protection Notification there, should you so wish.

11. Changes to this Privacy Policy

If we change this Privacy Policy, we will notify you of the changed document in the same way as we notify changes to the Forex Traders Corporation Terms and Conditions.

This privacy policy was last updated on 31st January 2011