Power of Social Trading

social trading

How Does Social Trading Work

Powered by millions of users from every continent, Forex Traders Corp has been able to refine their knowledge and experience into practical trading tools. For example, our Trade Copier technology enables clients to replicate our System X1 portfolio and trading activity automatically. Our Social Trading Platform and communal trading space allows anyone to become a leader and / or a follower. Even if you only want to trade on your own we project our unique trading software and deliver up to the second breaking economic news that could change the market – all in all out objective is to make sure you have the best trading experience possible.

Why Trade With Us?:

  • Ease of Use: Using social features for trading assets online is intuitive, and easily accessible for both new and experienced users.
  • Depth of Instruments: Diversity is important for keeping risk to a minimum when trading. Our professional traders trade across various different markets.
  • Reliability: We comply with all the current regulations, and our social trading network is trusted by users worldwide.
  • Trading News as It Happens: Constantrant trading news updates are provide with the latest economic news provided in real-time.
  • Transparency: Accurate reporting of the trades that are taken, helps all traders make more informed decisions about which trades to follow or copy.

Our Software

Being amember of our social circle gives you access to some of the most revolutionary trading software available.

The Tiger TimeLanes is a unique software tool that enables traders to more easily predict what will happen to price over various different time frames and see developing forex trading signals across multiple pairs at a glance. The information from the individual time frame is arranged into neat track / lane and when a individual’s currency pair’s tracks / lanes are aligned together it forms a matrix grid.

The Tiger Time Lanes allow you to conduct multi time frame analysis on a single matrix. Each matrix consists of 4 time lanes, with each lane containing two key support or resistant points for that time frame, displayed as boxes, and five other crucial points at which the price action may reverse. These support and resistance points,calculated using complex proprietary algorithms, are laid on top of a series of dynamic Fibonacci retracement bands marked out in progressively deeper shades of orange. The deeper in colour they become, as the price moves, indicates the higher probability of price changing direction.

Social Trading News Feed

As with any social network Forex Traders Social Trading Platform incorporates news feed which provides real-time ecoonomic data releases and up to the second economic news. An news that has the potential to move the markets you are likely to hear first inside our Social Trading Platform. In addition our team of professional trades share their market knowledge with community. By watching our professional traders traders, clients become more knowledgeable and make better investment decisions.

Trade Copier

If you don't have enough time to trade yourself or you are more comfortable copying be have the technology that enables you to do this. Our copier enables clients to automate their trading by allocating some of their funds to replicate our professional traders activity and copying every move they make in real time. We operate with full transparency, so the track record and success/fail ratio are available for all to see as each trade is posted as it is executed from entry to exit in the Social Trading Platform room feed.

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