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EURUSD 15min Chart

The direction of Euro over the next few months is in the balance. It recent move appears to have been capped with much dependant on the ECB. The upcoming ECB meeting could well determine the next move with …read more

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During the course of the trading day the room moderators make live calls averaging over +1000 pips per month with a trade success rate of 78.9% on trades called....read more

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Forex Traders Corporation

Forex Market Analysis

In addition to the Time Lanes and Charting software, we offer through professional market analysis service that overviews of the current market condition of the five leading pairs, and show where possible areas of support and resistance may lie. Predominantly the analysis will concentrate on longer times (4hrs and up) although reference to lower time frames may be made in search of further confirmation of possible trade set ups.

The analysis will show how we can integrate the analysis the Time Lanes provide with traditional technical analysis and how this can be applied to swing and longer term trades. The analysis will also consider scheduled news that is listed to break during the course of each trading day and will where possible consider the conflict between fundamental and analysis driven trading.

We will initially be predominantly covering USDJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, & AUSUSD. We will occasionally cover NZDUSD and the yen crosses, through cross currency analyiss, particularly when they might impact upon our analysis of our main pairs .

Updates Throughout The Day

The information will be provided through a combination of chart images, text based commentary and short videos. The chart images will be updated several times during the day with important points noted in any accompanying text. Particular attention will be paid to scheduled news events and how these might impact on specific pairs. Updates will be notified in the trade room and via twitter.

Adding Value To Our Subscription

Whilst we will continue with our daily email analysis to all who sign up to our email list this will remain just a single email looking at one specific pair. Access to this more detailed regular coverage of the full range of pairs will be restricted to full subscribers only. We are looking to provide a variety of trading strategies to accommodate different the types of trading styles. In short the service is intended to provide the expert market information and analysis that you need for successful decision making.