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Today Forex Traders Corporationis a leading one stop provider of retail foreign exchange trading globally. But we weren't always this way. It all began back in 1995, when Dr Kashif Aziz, a practicing GP in Surrey, started trading Forex, indices and shares. What started as a sideline to his medical practice grew into a serious passion which now forms the basis of this global trading entity.

In 2010 Kashif Aziz was appointed Chairman for Forex Traders Corporation but still takes tyime to oversee strategy development in our 24-hour Trade Room. But the fact Kashif began as a small retail investor gives us - and you - a unique advantage - it means he's experienced the difference between success and failure first hand. This makes him ideally placed to develop a unique system designed to work not just for big institutional banks, but also for the small home based trader.

The result is an innovative and robust trading system based on multiple moving averages, dynamic Fibonacci bands and cross currency analysis, presented in the form of simple Tiger Time Lanes - a system which is now available to you through membership of the Forex Traders Corporation.

The set-ups devised by Dr Kashif are taught to our members on a daily basis by a host of experienced Forex Traders, combining over 50 years of Forex Trading experience. Being a GP Kashif brings with him a set of ethics that date back to the Ancient Greek Physician Hippocrates, so you can be assured that our company is professional, ethical and trustworthy. The result is that if you're a small retail investor with no background in finance, with the right tools you too can make a success of currency trading. Together we can partnership with you

When you choose to do business with Forex Traders Corporation, you can be sure you are trading with an established Forex provider and using a trading platform renowned for its reliability enhanced by solid management and support structures. We believe

  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Innovation and creativity

are integral to all that we do. In addition, we take the time to form friendly yet professional relationships with each of our clients. Our continuing responsiveness enables us to develop customized solutions for you which we can implement quickly and efficiently. We hope you enjoy working with us, and look forward to welcoming you as a member.

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