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A unique software tool that enables traders to more easily predict what will happen to price

Multiple Time Frames On a Single Chart.

The Tiger Time Lanes allow you to conduct multi time frame analysis on a single matrix..

Traders have seen immediate benefits. “Real time analysis, straight away, makes trading as simple as at a glance. Trading across multiple time frames with the software and the charting, it’s fantastic. I’ve gone from success from success using it. What makes it work for me is the software can be used to determine high probability trades.” Sukh Kareer, Professional Trader.

The TimeLane for an individual pair usually takes up less space than a single traditional chart and can be viewed on a single chart giving the trader great flexibility.

Most importantly, the trading information is displayed dynamically so that areas of support and resistance and Fibonacci levels are automatically recalculated with every market tick. Easier cross currency analysis is now possible as major and cross pairs, covering multiple time frames, can be viewed side by side, helping achieve more accurate entries and exits.

The dynamic element of the TimeLanes provides them with another of its main advantages over traditional charting in that it creates distinct patterns that align to the different phases a currency pair can cycle through. Knowing precisely where in the price cycle you are at any given moment, by just glancing at a chart, is very important especially when reacting to trading opportunities.

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Room Only

Trade Room Membership
£ 99/mo.
Trade room membership that gives you access to trade room 24HRs a day as well as FireFly, Day Trading and the copier
  • 24 HR Trade Room Acces
  • FireFly
  • Access To Live Forex Day Trading 
  • Access To Copier

Full Member

TimeLanes & Trade Room Membership
£ 129/mo.
Full membership gives you access to your own copy of the TimeLanes software in addition to all the benefits of Room Only membership
  • TimeLanes Software
  • 24 HR Trade Room Acces
  • FireFly EA
  • Access To Live Forex Day Trading 
  • Access To Copier

Day Trading

Lifetime access
£ 175 
Lifetime access to our day trading solution including notification of daily trade set ups,  training and weekly trade reviews
  • Get Daily Day Trading Levels
  • Trade Entry and Management 
  • Full Training


“Excellent product. The moderators are very helpfull and willing to share their knowledge. I am happy with the support I get. The webinars help the new people understand the product and setups”

“I am completely satisfied! You've got a terrific team behind you and they're , there 100% to help guy's like me all make very good calls on the currency. I appreciate and respect each and everyone of you!.”