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Be guided by professional traders and become part of our trading community.

Room Only

Trade Room Membership
£ 99/mo.
Trade room membership that gives you access to trade room 24HRs a day as well as FireFly, Day Trading and the copier
  • 24 HR Trade Room Acces
  • Access To Live Forex Day Trading
  • FireFly EA
  • Access To Copier

Full Member

TimeLanes & Trade Room Membership
£ 129/mo.
Full membership gives you access to your own copy of the TimeLanes software in addition to all the benefits of Room Only membership
  • TimeLanes Software
  • 24 HR Trade Room Acces
  • FireFly EA
  • Access To Live Forex Day Trading 
  • Access To Copier

Day Trading

Lifetime access
£ 175 
Lifetime access to our day trading solution including notification of daily trade set ups,  training and weekly trade reviews
  • Get Daily Day Trading Levels
  • Trade Entry and Management 
  • Full Training


Dont just take our word for it see what our users are saying..

“ The cost is almost incidental to the amount of benefits that a subscriber receives from the trading room. I am a beginner trader, and without the support and guidance I get from the trade room I would have probably been one of the 95% who fail in forex trading. Instead I am consistently making money and improving in my trading skills with each session.

“I have been using the Live Trading Room for about three months now, as well as the Fibonacci technical indicators. I am very impressed by the quality of both. Though I have been trading equities for 20 years and forex for two, I have learnt a great deal.”

“As a former interbank dealer  I can testify that the grid system works. Following their trades works, you make money. Having the support of the room when you are following your own ideas, is invaluable. Better still you learn enough to have the confidence to do it consistently and successfully. 24 hours a day,”