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Advanced professional trading solutions at your fingertips. Our full subscription package gives you access to a live, 24hr fully moderated online Trade Room. Unique multi-time frame Tiger Time Lines and chart software to help accurately predict Forex movements. Specialised training, covering everything from a full understanding of the Time Lanes to trading psychology. Access to FireFly EA, our new Day Trading System and our new Trade Copier.

TimeLanes Software

Unique dynamic trading software

Watch to see where support and resistance aligns across multiple timeframes. The TimeLanes are a map to successful trading providing an instant snapshot of the market, highlighting the levels where price is likely to change direction. READ MORE

FireFly EA

EA up over 350% in just over 2 years!

FireFly is an automated trading strategy coded into a MT4 EA. An automated trading system (sometimes referred to as “black-box trading”)  is a computer trading program that automatically submits trades automatically to a broker or to an exchange. READ MORE

Day Trading System

Effective day trading system

Learn to track the the moves of the big banks and benefit from the way they leverage the market. This system, orginally designed and traded by the banks, has been adapted for the retail trader. All the analysis and trade selection is done for you......READ MORE

Trade Copier

Trade even when you are not in the room

Being in the trade room and taking the moderators trades is great but for some it is not possible to be in the trade room all the time. We have thus developed the trade copier which will automatically take some of the Trade Room calls for you READ MORE


Central to everything that we do is our 24HR Forex Trade Room. With 3 or 4 live mic sessions everyday covering all the periods of major price action we can guide traders through the trading day. Live trades called and posted, possible upcoming trades identified. With six professional traders as moderators, problem and questions can be addressed throughout the day.


Dont just take our word for it see what our users are saying..

“I've just completed my 5th consecutive winning trading month, trades for last month were 61, of which 54 we winning trades! My trading model now centres (and has done for many months) around a fixed lot size, with scope to breath and of course to add (fixed lot size) when the opportunity arises,.

“am + 66 pis for the day, but I was very, very fortunate with the cad trades I was -10 ish at one point and; ended up + 24 across the 2 positions, very lucky ! Will definitey keep an eye out for those crude oil inventories in the furue as Sam pointed out earlier. But overall best day ever very happy, more of the same please .”

“Life is good when you can actually "earn while you learn", and that is what happens with Forex Traders Corp. The moderator/instructors are very consistently accurate with their trade calls and I have been positive in my account since the first day.”