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A Consistent Performance Over Time

Our FireFly trading robot is a highly successful EA that has now been operational for two and a half years. This robot is set to take a specific type of breakout trade. The fx signals are delivered directly to your MT4 trading account where you can choose to automatically accept them or pick and chose the signals that you want to take. The robot has been highly successful making over a 230% return in just eighteen months. The best thing about the FireFly automated trading tool is that it is freely available to all members of out trade room to use.

FireFly enters trades based on a range breakout approach. The EA uses an algorithm to establish the range and then checks to see if certain conditions are met, one being that the CCI indicator has to be above or below a certain level, the EA sets pending orders for a breakout to the long side or for a breakout to the short side; these orders are reviewed on open of every candle. Our clients use it in various ways. some to trade directly others an additional trading signal, they themselves making the final judgement of when to take a trade,

The FireFly EA is FREE to use for all members, it is one of the benefits of membership. If you want to have access to the FireFly EA then all you need do is become either a Trade Room member or a full member. If you are currently a member then you just need to email admin and he will set you up.


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Room Only

Trade Room Membership
£ 99/mo.
Trade room membership that gives you access to trade room 24HRs a day as well as FireFly, Day Trading and the copier
  • 24 HR Trade Room Acces
  • Access To Live Forex Day Trading 
  • FireFly EA
  • Access To Copier

Full Member

TimeLanes & Trade Room Membership
£ 129/mo.
Full membership gives you access to your own copy of the TimeLanes software in addition to all the benefits of Room Only membership
  • TimeLanes Software
  • 24 HR Trade Room Acces
  • FireFly EA
  • Access To Live Forex Day Trading 
  • Access To Copier

Day Trading

Lifetime access
£ 175 
Lifetime access to our day trading solution including notification of daily trade set ups,  training and weekly trade reviews
  • Get Daily Day Trading Levels
  • Trade Entry and Management 
  • Full Training

More, Profitable Robots On Their Way!

The FireFly EA has been a great success. In just under two and a half years it has generated a return of over 350%.*  The team behind FireFly have not been idle and have looked to expand this success. In fact we are currently developing a series of automated trading tools which again will be freely available to all our trade room members. Our aim is to create a wide portfolio of MT4 EA’s that provide forex trading signals that suit individual forex trading preference and allow consistent profits from the market irrespective of which ones you use.

One of the great benefits of membership is the number of tools and services that we put at your disposal. These are growing year by year and, where possible, will be freely available of members to use and benefit from.


*As with ANY investment strategy past performance is not indicative of future performance. Markets change and trading circumstances change. If you use the EA as part of your investment strategy it is important that you continual review performance. in order to protect yourself from unnecessary losses.