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Live Forex Day Trading

Effective day trading strategy which shadows banks trading patterns. With trading levels identified for you every day with up to the minute notification of actual trades taken all you have to do is follow the trade calls. An average  monthly return of 5% last year.  

Whilst forex has tens of thousands of active retail traders and thousands of larger funds and hedge funds trading every day, the real power in the market lies with just a handful of banks that effectively make the market. It is therefore, logical to look into the way that they trade and shadow, as to the best of our abilities, their market moves. In a market where the retail trader consistently battles incomplete data, such as pending positions, on which to make trading decisions this is not always easy. However, careful analysis of data that we do possess shows that there are patterns that can be leveraged.

Over the last year we have developed a day trading strategy that looks for specific patterns to take place around areas of liquidity. In doing this we have been incredibly successful over the last year with around an 80% return on capital.

While the strategy is quite complex we do the hard work for you. Every morning we post the anticipated trading levels and then, in addition, when a valid trade is signalled we will post our entries. The trades on average take 2-3 hours (although they can be quicker) so this is a great strategy for those who have limited trading time.

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Live Forex Day Trading

Lifetime access
£ 175
Live forex day trading solution including notification of daily trade set ups,  training and weekly trade reviews
  •  Get Daily Trade Levels
  • Trade Entry and Management Notification
  • Full Training